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Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a marketing (cost per impression) technology used on the Internet to drive traffic to websites. This ad model is effective in showing ROI data for a PPC client. Advertisers of PPC pay an agreed upon rate when an ad appears on the top of the search engine or on the right hand side of the search-engine are clicked. Simply stated, advertisers (companies) bid on key phrases that are popular searches on the search engines. Pay Per Click is the opposite of Search Engine Optimization – in PPC when someone clicks on your website you are charged a fee. With SEO, you are not charged when someone is on your website.

Websites that pay for PPC ads will show an ad when their choice of keywords match a search, or when relevant content is displayed. PPC ads are also known in the industry as sponsored ads or sponsored links.

There are two types of PPC:

  • Flat Rate PPC
  • Bid-Based PPC

With Flat Rate PPC the advertiser and firm are contractually bound upon a specific dollar amount that will be spent for each click. In this model, companies that wish to advertise with Pay Per Click can negotiate rates depending on the contract, and even negotiate to pay more for each click to have greater exposure and visibility on the search engines.

Websites that utilize Bid-Based PPC engage in what is commonly known as a private auction. The company advises how much they wish to pay or what their budget is for any given PPC campaign. Once keywords are plugged in to the search engines, it triggers the ad or doesn’t depending on how the bid plays out with other advertisers in that sector that are considered competition.

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